That "Winter Pairings" Class (On Demand)

That "Winter Pairings" Class (On Demand)

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Join Marissa Mullen for an on-demand cheeseboard lesson focusing on the best cheese pairings for the colder winter months!

The hour-long class includes a guided Cheese By Numbers board building session, an overview and tasting of six in-depth pairings and a food photography lesson. The plate will serve 4-6 people as an appetizer, but you can scale the board to what works best for you.

** Please note, the digital class will be sent to you over email! If you are gifting for a friend, please contact our support team to provide them with your friend's email. 




SUPPLIES & FOOD: (Not Included)
- 1 rectangular board, about 11" x 17"
- 2 2oz jars or ramekins
- 1 4oz jar or ramekin
- 1 sharp knife for prep
- 1 cutting board for prep

- 1 wedge of truffle gouda or truffle pecorino
- 1 wedge of smoked cheddar
- 1 wedge of blue cheese

- 1 stick of hard salami
- 1 package of mortadella

- 4oz cornichons
- 4oz green olives
- 1 package of strawberries
- 1 package of dried figs

- 1 package of flatbread crackers
- candied walnuts

- grainy mustard
- fig jam

- fresh thyme
- fresh rosemary
- fresh sage